Unravel Yourself

January 1st - February 14th 2021


This is a course for you if you are looking to delve deeper, looking for the answers to the questions you have been asking yourself, are ready to make a change, are already awakening and want more and if you want the tools to help yourself heal, to help yourself understand yourself, to help you dive deeper.

Where does this course come from?

This course was born from the knowing that I wanted more and the only way I could find it was to do a Teacher Training, I wanted to learn the tools to heal, the tools to help myself and the tools to understand myself. I was ready for the ext layer to unravel, the next chapter to begin but I didn't know where to start. 

The only way I could access these tools was to do my YTT and this isn't what everyone wants to do, can afford to do or even needs. So I've designed this course as a way of accessing these tools without the need to learn how to teach, and with everything aimed at your journey.


Do I need yoga experience?

Honestly you will need a little, only a few classes but enough to know that this is the journey you are destined for. This course is for all experiences even those that have completed their YTT and still want more. The yoga in this course will be very much the yoga i teach, deep soulful movement to help you connect and unravel, but the main belly of the course isn't the asana (movement) its all the other work we will do.

How is this course given?

This is an online course, each Monday you will receive the weeks material where you can then work through at your own pace. We will meet on a Tuesday evening to discuss anything that has come up from the previous weeks exercises. You will have access to the courses material forever once you have been part of the journey so you can come back and use it at any point.

How long is this course?

This course is 6 weeks long, I have found in my own journey you need long enough to sink into something but not too long to be able to escape it. Spreading this over a longer time enables people to avoid the uncomfortable bits that are key to the process and so by keeping it intensive we will show up for ourselves fully.

What is included in this course?

The course will begin and end with a full online weekend retreat, the first to set the scene, start the process and the final one to come together and celebrate our journey.

Over the 6 weeks you will be given weekly workbooks, including journal exercises, videos, a podcast, meditations and deep diving questions, these all come from the many tools I have gathered over my years of journeying into the inner world and will help you unlock the layers too.

We will meet weekly on a Tuesday evening online where we will share experiences, I will answer questions and we will connect through different forms of practice.

You will receive video meditations, practices and rituals especially designed for this journey.

You will have access to me and my help throughout the course on a personal basis and within the group setting.

Plus access to all the regular yoga classes I hold too.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you enjoy my practices and want more of my knowledge, guidance and want more from your own practice this course is perfect for you. 

What will I end up with?

You won't end up with a qualification, but you will end up with a deeper understanding of yourself, of your desires, a confidence in your own power and the tools to help you move through your life with a greater depth of knowing.

How much does this cost?

The course costs £400, and can be paid for in full or in 3 instalments of £135 each, if paying in instalments these must be paid by the start of the course.

When is is running?

The course starts on the evening of January 1st 2021 with the first retreat January 1st - 3rd 2021 and completes on final retreat February 12th - 14th

Will there be another one?

The next course will be in 2022

Please contact me via email if you have any further questions 

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Unravel Yourself