Private Tuition

Sometimes classes don't appeal. Sometimes online yoga doesn't work. Sometimes we just need a bit more.

When I first got into yoga I started with private tuition, I didn't feel ready to go into a class full of people, I wanted to make sure I was doing it 'right' whatever right meant! And I didn't have the confidence in my body, health or self to walk into a room full of people and roll out my mat.

Private tuition gave me the opportunity to really gain my confidence, understand the practice, ask questions, work on specific issues I was having and although more expensive than a class practice it was worth it.

As a teacher I love to offer private sessions, I love working with people at a more bespoke and deeper level, whether its physical help you need or emotional unlocking, whether you just need some time for you, or know like me you don't feel ready to walk into a class.

What to expect

I don't travel to teach, all my privates are held in my studio on the farm, I am based in Hoo, Suffolk. If the weather is particularly nice and you feel comfortable we can head out into the meadows near the river to fully get the experience of being unplugged for a while.

When you contact me I will ask some basic questions, what are you looking for in your private, what would you like to focus on, any ailments I need to know about etc.

When you arrive I will have a kettle boiled and the studio warm, there is enough space to be socially distanced and if you would like us to where masks then please say.

I have yoga mats and these get wiped down after every use, but if you'd prefer to bring your own feel free, also if you bring your own blankets for relaxation this would help.


To book a private session with me or to find out more please email or message me

07875 313209

Sessions are £50 and this is payable on booking, cancelations that are given with less than 24hrs notice will not be refunded.