Book Club

This page is dedicated to all the books and podcasts that have inspired me, continue to inspire and its aim is to give you some inspiration too. 

If you have any recommendations of podcasts/books then please share via email and I'll share on here for others to be inspired.


This has been talked about a lot in our moon circles, online and in various other places and is one to definitely read. Glennon Doyle is the most amazing story teller, with every story having a point and many ah-ha moments. I'd be close to saying this book is life changing.

Unlocking Us

Brene Brown is well someone who I just soak up, her words, her thoughts and her knowledge is inspiring in itself.

She somehow balances the deeply scientific work she does with the spiritual aspect of so many questions we all have and manages to formulate them into very clear and easy points that we can all follow.

This podcast has been my go to for the past couple of weeks, recorded from the start of lockdown its relevant to now and she speaks to some amazing people.

Start from the beginning and listen through.

Revolution of the Soul

Seane is a "rockstar" yoga teacher, from the time when yoga took off and the American teachers became the "it" people of the time.

But her back story, how she found yoga, her life lessons from that journey and her continued use of her platform to spread good in the world is deeply inspirational.

So much to learn for any yogi, honest, raw and deeply personal I'm sure we will all see a moment of ourselves in her words.

How do you Cope

Two male comedians talking....hmmmmm...but trust me, this podcast is in my eyes brilliant, they had me when they recently spoke to Emma Barnett about living with Endometriosis, periods and all things woman, I honestly can say I've never really heard men talk so readily and honestly about this and it was mind blowing!

Sorry to all men reading this!

So I went back to the beginning and have listened to each episode, the interviews, the honesty and the humbling awareness of other humans rebuilds my faith in humanity and is well worth a listen.